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    Absolutely delicious! The owner's Son, Jared, sent me a variety of the praline cookies as a "Thank You", so I shared them with my colleagues and we all absolutely loved every flavor. What a little slice of heave these cookies are!

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    We ordered these for a work event and they were delicious!! The customer service was great and they sent me a g-free sample to try! :)

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    *Eileen’s Pralines: Praline and Oatmeal bars, with flavors ranging from
    chocolate to pumpkin to cayenne. *Eileen and Jack Scheib run Eileen’s
    Pralines together after their son suggested starting a business selling her
    homemade praline bars.

    Eileen Scheib has been making her praline bars for 40 years. She and her
    husband went into business selling them about five years ago.

    “Our younger son suggested it a few years ago after the boys were out of
    the house out of college. He said, ‘Mom, everybody loves those bars that
    you make, why don’t you think about making a business?’” Scheib said.

    With the help of her husband running the business end, she decided to give
    it a try. She said having her husband’s years of experience running his own
    business — which he still does alongside helping with Eileen’s Pralines —
    has made it easier.

    “It takes a lot of time because we really do everything ourselves,” she
    said. “We do the baking. We do the packaging. We do the marketing.”

    Scheib said the most difficult part of starting this business for her was
    getting used to selling her bars instead of giving them away. She also said
    having to work with her husband, to whom she’s been married for 35 years,
    can sometimes be hard to navigate.

    “For the most part, it’s fine (to work and live with him),” she said. “Like
    any married couple, you’re going to get on each other’s nerves and that
    happens. But we have similar values and our goals are the same. We just
    make it work.”

    Although working together provides ample opportunity to butt heads, Scheib
    said she still appreciates the time they spend together.

    “It’s fun,” she said. “It’s different to be doing something together and so
    it is fun and, for me, one of the big pleasures is when people like them.”

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    “We have been enjoying Eileen's wonderful favored pralines for several years now. They also have different types of new flavor also. Please try them and see what you think. Oh , I'm sure they MUST be fat free, Right?”

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    The Praline that are made by this wonderful people are wholesome, flavorful and are loved by everyone in my family! They use fresh ingredients and you can taste the care and love they put into each bar. If you have not tried them, you are totally missing out! P.S. Great Valentine's Day gifts!

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    I've been ordering these Pralines from Texas to Northern California for a while now. They are awesome, especially the gluten-free, and the ingredients are simple and delicious! I also appreciate that they are very satisfying snack/treat that I like to eat after I workout. I hope they don't change a thing.

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